Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carley's Turning Point

Carley is an incredible little being! She operates on her own free will according to God's plan for her! So far, she hit some major milestones during her 6th month literally in two week intervels like crawling was one week (June 8th), then exactly 2wks later she pulled up on the side of the table (June 22nd), then two weeks later she said her first words "Dada" (this was in her 7th month, July 6th). We have high expectations for her based on this pattern! Ha! It has been crazy and I feel like all of this is happening so fast before our eyes! If you blink too long, you may miss something with her! She's a riot! She's always keeping us on our toes and we are now busy chasing her quick ability to crawl through a room or chase after a kitty kitty or get into something that she is not suppose to like daddy's PS3 cords which are her fav's! Everyday she does something new or has some new noice to share with us!

God is so good! He knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us our baby girl! Sometimes we are definitely challenged by her and she is so small and so young even now! We are in store for something really wonderful and even more challenging with this baby Carley Lowery! If you have been around Carley for any length of time, you will discover that she is definitely is a very determined, persistant and observant little girl. I wonder who she takes after? Ha!

I really wish that I could post videos of her during these milestones, however for some reason everytime I try to upload the videos, they are unable to load. It is very frustrating. I think maybe they are too large to load! You will have to check them out on fb bc they are there!

Here are some of C's 6 month pics:

I am a little behind in posting recently, so I am just going to post C's 7 month pics here too.


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