Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carley's Turning Point

Carley is an incredible little being! She operates on her own free will according to God's plan for her! So far, she hit some major milestones during her 6th month literally in two week intervels like crawling was one week (June 8th), then exactly 2wks later she pulled up on the side of the table (June 22nd), then two weeks later she said her first words "Dada" (this was in her 7th month, July 6th). We have high expectations for her based on this pattern! Ha! It has been crazy and I feel like all of this is happening so fast before our eyes! If you blink too long, you may miss something with her! She's a riot! She's always keeping us on our toes and we are now busy chasing her quick ability to crawl through a room or chase after a kitty kitty or get into something that she is not suppose to like daddy's PS3 cords which are her fav's! Everyday she does something new or has some new noice to share with us!

God is so good! He knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us our baby girl! Sometimes we are definitely challenged by her and she is so small and so young even now! We are in store for something really wonderful and even more challenging with this baby Carley Lowery! If you have been around Carley for any length of time, you will discover that she is definitely is a very determined, persistant and observant little girl. I wonder who she takes after? Ha!

I really wish that I could post videos of her during these milestones, however for some reason everytime I try to upload the videos, they are unable to load. It is very frustrating. I think maybe they are too large to load! You will have to check them out on fb bc they are there!

Here are some of C's 6 month pics:

I am a little behind in posting recently, so I am just going to post C's 7 month pics here too.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, Happy Day

Carley will be 6 months on May 24th. She is getting dedicated at our baptist church on the 23rd. Our interim pastor, Dr. Paul Powell is going to do the service for us. It is going to be a very special day for us for a lot of reasons. Paul Powell married my aunt Marcia, performed my grandfather, George Truett Mason's funeral and also did my grandmother, Bessie Lou Mason's funeral two weeks after Carley was born! My g'mom took trips to Japan with Paul Powell & her church in the 80's. We feel honored & privileged that he can celebrate both deaths and births and dedicate our baby girl for us.

During my grandmother's service, Paul Powell so eloquently talked about how Maw Maw encouraged others through the passage of Philippians 4:13, which states, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me", but she would personalize it to others by substituting "you" for "I" and "you" for "me". She always had a way about her that could open the eyes of others to see from a new prospective.

This is going to be an exciting day for our wonderful families and friends to come together with us to share her with our church family. Margaret & Tommy (MiMi & Papa T), Pam & David (LaLa & PaPa), Shannon (Aunt Sha Sha), Aunt Marcia, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy, John Hardy Jr., Kate & Dave Iglesias (Aunt Kates & Uncle Dave-o) are all going to be present for Carley on the day of her dedication.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

May flowers

Carley is FIVE months! As both Sean and I agree, Carley is at a fun age! We are understanding her needs more. Does she need this, this or that? She def recognizes both of us and that helps too. She is def her daddy's little angel! Everyday after he gets home from work, she laughs at his funny faces, his scratchy beard and his finger claws! I treasure their precious relationship and it makes my heart smile!

During this month, she has learned to sit up and use her core muscles to balance! As you know, babies change everyday. One day she was like a teeter totter and the next day or so she could sit up longer for a few minutes at a time! You can really tell she is proud of herself when she does something new for the first time. She also loves to stand with assist & hold on to the side of a table. She makes new cooing noises as she pats the table. Precious baby girl. She loves reading books and patting at the pages. MiMi and I are working on her numbers and she is counting to 4. She is army crawling, wiggling or sorta crawling forward (sometimes backwards), but mostly forward. She was doing a lot of rolling, but now it more she prefers squirming on her stomach as her mode of transportation.

This has been a very EXHILARATING month for Carley and forus too! Carley had her first cereal about a week before her 6 month bday! This was a remarkable day on a whole lot of levels bc things will never be the same as we know them to be before this day. Our baby girl is growing up and was ready for some real food. It was so cute to watch her take her first bites of runny rice cereal. We think that she ready before her mommy and daddy were ready. After the first funny, confused faces, she decided she really liked being fed with a spoon. She started opening her mouth like a little bird and leaning her head back as if she was anticipating more to be fed to her. She took it like a little pro! The next cereal a few days later was oatmeal, however she prefers the rice stuff. We are anxious to start fruits and veggies next!

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Pic taken before Sean's cousin Amanda's wedding in Arkansas

We had a busy month with 2 weddings and Daniel's graduation! Woo hoo! No more school for Dan Dan, that we know of! Congrats Daniel!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Forward with Carley

Carley was 4 months toward the end of March! At her 4 month appt with her pedi MD, she weighted 15 lbs (even) and 25.2 in long! Big girl! She is def on the higher end for both height & weight! MD said most 1 y/o are about 20 lb. She is well on her way! We love our chunky monkey & glad she has a good appetite! Everyone always comments on her healthy cheeks! We think it's super cute! The MD suggested to introduce cereal when Carley seemed interested in food or grabbing for food. So far, we think she is content nursing every 2-3hr during the day & we plan on waiting for the cereal closer to her 6 mo bday if no teeth by then. It makes sense that God intended for teeth to eat food!

Easter Lilly

Eggstravaganza Carley

Cadbury Egg

Bon voyage Carley

Easter Joy

Unleash the Fun

Twinkies Stick Together

After all the snowy and cold, little Carley and I are certainly enjoying our daily walks in the BOB stroller when the weather is nice! We def love the April spring days in T-town!

Rolley Polley Carley

Somebunny loves you

Story time with MiMi

Paper verus Carley. The paper won!

4 Month Progress:
Sticking everything that she can get her hands on in her mouth
Had several freak out moments in public. ie, restaurant and friends house
Very observant. Notices pictures on walls, ect
Maybe teething, small bump on lower gums
Drooling more
Started rolling to her left side from back to tummy position

Check out a short video clip of Carley:

4 days later, she rolled to her right side like a champ
Grabbing her toes, first her left toes, then her right toes
Squealing more
Def laughing daily, esp at Da Da & when you kiss her tummy
Loves to suck on her baby keys
Loves to shake rattles
Started to have a more predictable napping schedule
Started going to sleep at 9:30p instead of 10-10:30! Yeah!
Sleep more through the night. Occasionally gets up once!
Loves seeing MiMi daily!
Loves her baths
Enjoys being in her two jumperoos. Her feet reach the ground now.
Loves looking in the mirror
First golf cart ride with MiMi
Loves to smile at momma first thing in the AM's
Making motorboat sound & blowing bubbles! So precious!

Lucky Ladybug

License to Drool

Lil' bunny Foo Foo

Jumping beans

Hopping Easter feet

He has Risen for Carley

Fiesta before Siesta